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January 8, 2008

Here Goes Nothing!

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Here goes nothing.  I am here to write.  To read.  To Listen.  To hopefully gain inspiration and insight from those around me.  To hopefully give inspiration and insight to those around me.  This is my second attempt at a blog.  My last one got deleted from inactivity (go figure).  Hopefully, people will read my blog.  If not, I will not be heartbroken. 

This is my virtual sounding-board for life.  Some days, I will be happy.  Others, I will not be so happy.  It all comes with the territory, I suppose.  It is as anonymous as I can possibly make it, so I am just another voice in the blogosphere hoping that somebody will listen.  As of now, I will not divulge my identity further than I see fit.  I have many reasons for this, but they are mine.  Mine alone.  What I will share is my daily trials and tribulations, my ups, downs, moodswings, etc.  It is a view into an individual with certain “quirks” that can be looked at by society and civilization as negative things.

 As my small voice grows, hopefully I will be able to help others.

 So, here goes nothing.


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